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Other Collages & Artist Tarot cards


Random collages that I've done which are not from one of my journals, and collages done as part of the Artist's Tarot Class I am taking from Elizabeth Badurina


0 - The Quester
the first of the complicated ones
That's me!

0 - The Fool
leaving Vulcan on her quest
I didn't find a picture of my sci-fi character (Joan from Joan of Arcadia) until after I was done.

1 - The Magician, version 2
messed up the background

High Priestess v.2

3 - The Empress

4 - The Emperor
the description reminded me of Spock from VI

8 - Strength
This may be my favorite card so far


0 - Butterfly Fool
the fool on Vulcan, ready to take flight

1 - The Magician
I'm not happy with either Magician, really

I spent a couple of hours stamping the "magic" symbols on the background of my first Magician (the blue one).  I was watching Bubba Hotep at the time (either the first time through or one of the two audio commentaries - LOVE that movie) and, go figure, instead of grabbing the red paint I was thinking about the next card I would do and painted the whole thing blue.  ugh!  Hence, I have two Magicians.  And I don't like either one, really.  I ended up printing out Leonardo's Vitruvian Man and using him as my template.  The butterflies are due to my concept of this card as representing the first action that sets off a chain of events - the butterfly that causes the typhoon.  Of course, I had just watched The Butterfly Effect.  This "first action" is considered to come quite a bit later in the deck by the teacher.  Ah well - this is, after all, personal symbolism, right?

2 - High Priestess


6 - The Lovers
This card is way too happy. I'm making a second one.

Card 5 is the Hierophant, and card 7 is the Chariot.  I haven't done card 5 because I'm not completely pleased with my selection of images so far.  The Chariot is not done because it's actually going to be really easy, and so I did 4, 6, and 8 first since I had a big block of time this last weekend.  Maybe I'll do The Chariot after I sleep a while, assuming I don't sleep through my night off... as cold as it is, that will be tempting.
I may like Strength the best so far.  It has "strength" in Nepali on it above the tiger's head - strength is "tajat," and that is how you write tajat.  I meant to put maya (love) on the Lovers card, but forgot until the end and then didn't find a good place for it.  Why Spike and Ripley (that yellow face is Sigourney Weaver)?  Ripley is a pretty damn good example of a strong female lead, and she just needs to be on the card.  Spike I chose because, after reading the lesson and seeing that it was about conquering your lower nature and developing inner strength, I realized that Spike was the only character I could think of who had done that.  He went out and fought to GET a soul (wasn't "cursed" with one like Angel) in order to become a better man (for love, but still - what better motivation?).  Most other strong characters that I could think of started out "good" - they didn't have to do much conquering, at least not as noticebly as Spike did.  I suppose a case could be made for Cordelia, but I've just never been a Cordy fan.  And characters turning to the dark side and then back like Willow don't count.  And I'm not sure Vader turning back after all those years is a shining example, either.
Anyway.  This is all the updating I'm going to do this time around.  Namaste!