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She's done!


Above:  necklace I made this last Saturday to go with a dark pink sweater I got (worn over a black turtleneck).  Right:  journal made from a kit in a zine from the 24 hr zine swap in August.  I added the beadwork from a kit for a bracelet I never made.

Day of the Dead Goddess
yes, that's a stamp of a skull on her chest
This is the first goddess I made, and my favorite!

Flower Goddess
She has silk ribbon embroidery and embroidery using silk floss as well as bead embroidery

Orange Goddess
I'm not actually sure which is her back and which is her front...




DotD Goddess (back)
the snake's tounge falls over her forehead
she has a snake out of black charolettes running down her back

Flower Goddess (back)
Her body was made from fabric that I hand-marbled about 12 years ago when I lived in Caldwell, KS

Orange Goddess
James loves orange
I imagine that once I get one of these gals made for Jessica, I will give this one to James

Ladybug bracelet for Jessica

flower bracelet for Jessica


I don't know why the center bead looks so green - I suppose the light from the scanner on the dichroic surface.  The bead is actually a light purple, not green!  The necklace has size 11 pink beads and size 8 purple hexes, as well as 6 swarovski crystals near the center.  This is for Jessica's 6th birthday, and I am making a bracelet to match.

dichro piece made in Marlynda's class
my first attempt at fused glass

I love the way it looks against any color!
the same dichroic fused glass piece with a dark background

I used a quartz cab on the top of the lid
ocean needlecase with lid on

ocean needlcase - quartz cab on lid