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Welcome to Sheeptopia - the Altered Art Version

Sheep at Billings Farm after they sheared it.  I think maybe it was on Valium.

What's New?

It is now 2013, and I have not updated this site in 3 years because Tripod made updating it a nightmare. It is still not fun, but better than last time. However, most of my photos were apparently deleted despite the fact that I have been paying for extra storage for years, and when they "migrated" my site to a new system, I lost my style (lol) as well. When I tried to pick a new style today, for some reason I only get the basic colors and not the graphics/photos that go with it. I think I should start over, but I don't want to mess with it. I need a web guy. :-) For now, though, I have found that I can at least see my photos, and hopefully I will be able to add more in the future!

In other news, I started traveling again in August 2009, and have spent the winter in Milwaukee. It is COLD. But this is one of my favorite assignments, so I have dealt with being in the frozen tundra...