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Welcome to the Free Press of Sheeptopia


Laura, carding wool at the sheep shearing festival at Billings Farm in Woodstock, VT, May 28th, 2006.

Sheep being sheared - was it on valium?? It was very still...

I want one!!!!


Steel Wool Press

Since I'm going to be out galavanting around the universe before I get too old, I figured I should record where I'm going and what I'm doing.  I have paper journals for that - regular journals for my complaining and incessant whining and insane rambling (and a lot of that goes into another blog, too) plus the regular journals serve as a dumping ground for the pamphlets, maps, brochures, receipts, pictures, ticket stubs, and pieces of carded wool :-) I feel the need to save as evidence that I was, indeed there and did that.  I also have art journals with sketches and watercolors (and I may take pictures of those occasionally and post them on here) that I've done to supplement the picture taking.

But the reviews of the places I've been (and movies I've seen, etc) have been getting lost in the daily ramblings of my other online blogs - I can't find them most of the time.  So, I decided to create a site just for them - a site dedicated to not only reviews of places (museums, restaurants, historic sites, even roads, maybe - I've been on enough of those lately), but also the movies, tv shows, books, and anything else I feel the need to review.  Somewhere at home I have a book for movie reviews which has quite a bit in it.  I brought my tv review journal with me, but other than the Alias finale and 24, I'm so far behind on tv that I haven't reviewed anything all year anyway, and now it's summer.  So I'll be starting from scratch.  But I imagine I will use this mostly for places, and to post pictures - a way to remember everything when I'm old and need glasses and can no longer captain a starship - er, travel around in my PT Cruiser like this.  :-)

Steel Wool Rocks!

Credit for the title should go to Robert Berry.  He came up with my heavy metal band Steel Wool when I lived in Emporia, whether he remembers it or not.  This is why the Press for Sheeptopia (which has replaced Lala Land) has to be Steel Wool Press.  Because it is COOL.  :-)
My next art project should be to try and make a sheep out of steel wool so I can take a picture of it for the website...