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My Scrappin' Background

Looking backward...

Hindsight is, as always, 20/20. When my husband died in 1997 and I finally got most of the 16 rolls of film from our honeymoon developed, I found lots and LOTS of trees, buildings, lakes, and general greenery. True, there were a few breathtaking landscape photos taken in the Smoky Mountains, but there were only three or four pictures of my husband or of me - and none of us together.

The way I take pictures has drastically changed. I take very few "nature" photos now, and no matter how much I dread being the target of a camera, I let my picture be taken. I don't want to be the focus of an intensive photo-search after I am gone - I know how hard that can be.

My feelings on preserving my photos has changed drastically, as well. While I am no longer loathe to cut up my recent pictures (never cut if you don't have the negative or duplicates!!), I am more intent than ever to take pictures (of people) and keep them safe. I bought a better camera. I tossed my unsafe magnetic albums and put all of my pictures into seven photo boxes. And I make scrapbook pages, generally with a lot of journaling to give a fairly detailed description of what I was doing, thinking, and feeling at that time.

A scrapbook is many things - a diary with pictures that you don't mind letting the public read, a learning tool, a memory keeper, and something to hand down to future generations. Who knows what archaeologists might make of 21st century America without the personalization given by a stray scrapbook here and there? Heaven forbid they should judge us solely on our TV commercials!! :-)

lion totem in memory of Ian K. Anderson, 8-16-67 to 6-26-97

David died on February 18th, 2001, the same day that Dale Earnhardt died. 

butterfly totem in memory of David Browning, 3-9-62 to 2-18-01

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