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The alligator, along with a pink bunny and a frog, went to Lily, Audrey, and Isabel.
The alligator body is the same size tube I used for the bunny and the monkey, I just didn't gather it to make a neck. I used the largest size spool-knitter I have (an 8-peg with a wide circumference) to make the head/snout piece, which I then gathered tightly at one end to make the nose and kept very loose at the other to fit over the body and couch down. The tail was done in a similar fashion, but with a smaller spool-knitter and not put so far over the body. I am learning a lot of lessons about what animals are going to be toddler-friendly - the alligator is okay, but the very first thing Audrey did was take him by the tail and the nose, stretch him out, pull, and swing him around, kind of like a jump rope. :-) However, the damage report a day later was minimal - he didn't need any repairs. The bunny needed an ear tightened, and the frog needed his legs couched down better. It's all a good test for me to figure out how to improve my designs! I need to make more. :-)