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Weaving Blogs I Love

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My blog - RovingWeaver


Where to buy the looms I've used, and some I want

Buxton Brooks Looms

Hazel Rose Looms

Mirrix Looms - tapestry and bead weaving

Laffing Horse Crafts (looms)

Tartan Maker

Tartan Maker, IMHO, is the best of the sites once you figure out how to use it and find a site with HTML color codes.  I did find such a site, and I made a page in OneNote (my favorite program) with the color samples and codes, and I refer to it constantly when making samples on the site, so I can just plug in the exact code instead of randomly hitting the color chart.  I'll add a link to the page I found, but you can no doubt find a site you like better if you don't like this one!

HTML color codes

Tartan Generator

The Scottish Weaver - weavers of tartans

Roobedo - incredibly beautiful clothing made from Harris Tweed